Man's way or God's way...Matthew 5:27-32...People: "Adultery". Jesus: "Lust"

  My first summit is Shadow Mountain at 10,160 elevation.  It was on my mother's birthday, July 9th.  She would have been 90 years old.  It is amazing that she has been gone for 16 years.  Here is a view from the top. On the way up on another vantage point is the old Shadow Mountain Fire Tower.  It is not manned and there is a plan to renovate it so people can go up again on the catwalk and experience a 360 view including Lake Granby, Shadow Mountain Lake, and Grand Lake.  It was an 11 mile day and I was beat when I got home. Jesus is giving us God's way and man's way.  God's way when dealing with anger can lead to reconciliation and back at the altar of worship.  Man's way when dealing with anger can lead you to court and possible time in prison.  God's way when dealing with lust upholds the marriage covenant created by God between His created man and woman as the two become one.  Man's way when dealing with lust could lead to divorce for reasons short of B

Back at worship or thrown into prison?...Matthew 5:21-26...A backup from the act of murder to the act of anger.

Another trek up the mountain trail this morning with my best hiking buddy.  This is a beautiful spot where you cross over Beaver Creek on the Timber Lake Trail.  We are probably smiling because we are on our way down.  And these in the picture below are grateful tools we have to get us up the trail and back to the trailhead.   The views like this one keep us going back and pushing up the trail a little further.  We will try this trail again so we can view Timber Lake for ourselves.   Jesus is starting a realigning of some of the 10 commandments with His disciples.  He is going from the external to the internal.  You could say, "Well I have never murdered anyone." But Jesus is asking, "Do you hold unholy anger toward another?"   This is the first example of a righteousness that exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees.  They were focusing on outward murder while Jesus was zeroed in on a heart that resolved anger with reconciliation.   What was really revealing for

Important Transitions - Matthew 5:17-20 - Scripture and Salvation

  On another hike up into the Rockies developing a friendship with another brother in Christ.  This one was on some trails less traveled by others.  This second picture is the Old Fall River Road which used to be the road over the mountain pass before the modern road we have today.  On the west side of the pass it has been left to go back to nature but walking on these switchbacks you couldn't help but think of the history of those who traveled over this way.  The second picture is how we traverse it today. Our passage last Sunday was another transition passage.  Jesus is getting us ready for some major teachings just as He did before giving His disciples the Beatitudes.  These transitions are not just getting us from point A to point B, but rather you find an outline of what the major teaching is going to be about.  Matthew told us we have a teaching Jesus, a preaching Jesus, and a healing Jesus and lets view teaching Jesus first.  In this passage, Jesus lets us hear that He has a